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Undergraduate Program Head -
Film Animation

Shira Avni

Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 4352

Location: FB 233-5

Admission Requirements

A portfolio, letter of intent and recent transcripts are required for admission. See admission requirements for details.

Application Deadline for Admission in September 2014: March 14, 2014

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Admissions for September 2014

Applications to this program must be submitted digitally; hard copies will not be accepted.

The application deadline for September 2014 is March 14.

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Trailer of student works completed in 2012-13 in the Film Animation program

Major in Film Animation — 60 credits
Minor in Film Animation — 30 credits

Designed to teach the full process of film animation, including theory and practice, the Film Animation program provides students with a solid foundation in the art and technique of frame-by-frame filmmaking.

Students are encouraged to develop their creative potential while exploring the various technical and conceptual issues related to the art form. Our objective is to help future filmmakers articulate their own unique, individual approach to animation. Our program is flexible and inclusive, motivating each student to select – from the ever-widening range of animation methods – the approach most suitable for the expression of their personal vision.

Courses emphasize experimentation with a variety of techniques and materials. Our acclaimed faculty provide students with intensive training in a diverse range of traditional and digital animation techniques, including:

  • Classical animation
  • Puppet animation
  • 3D digital animation
  • Direct animation
  • Experimental animation
  • Animated documentary
  • Animated installation
  • Sound design & music composition

This rigorous approach to classical and digital animation processes emphasizes cross-pollination and experimental spirit, making the Film Animation program one of the most versatile training programs in its field.

MHSoC's Film Animation program has the honour of boasting eight Oscar nominations and one Academy Award win amongst our recent faculty members, as well as hundreds of international awards amongst faculty, students and alumni. For over 20 years, our graduates have obtained international acclaim as directors, producers, editors, and designers of the world’s most creative animation.

While MHSoC emphasizes a fine arts approach, our alumni are fully qualified to work in any branch of the animation world. Employment opportunities include storyboard artists, character designers, background artists, layout personnel, web animators, mat painters and positions in CGI-based industries as special effects supervisors, 3D modelers, and 2D and 3D animators. With a solid foundation for research, discovery and leadership, our students have become some the world’s leading animators.


The first year introduces students to the basic theory and practice of animation. A series of technical exercises prepare students to produce a short film in the second half of the first year. In the second year, students deepen their exploration of animated filmmaking with a series of four short thematic exercises, which many students complete as festival-quality films. The aim of the third year is to encourage students to produce a professionally finished, artful "auteur" animated film, exploring any frame-by-frame technique they choose. 


For a list of required courses please download the Program Guide according to year of entry. For a complete list of course descriptions please consult the Undergraduate Calendar. Advanced level students have the opportunity to pursue Independent Study courses and Internships.

Schedules for courses are available on the class schedules website.


Students enrolled in Film Animation programs must bear the cost of film stock, processing, printing and material. Depending on the project, Film Animation students can expect to spend $1,000 to $2,000 to get set up in their first year, and about $500 in each subsequent year. Animation students must pay a laboratory fee. Other specialized fees may apply.


STEP 1: Apply to Concordia

All new applicants must complete the online admissions application to Concordia University and receive a student identification number.

If you are already a student at Concordia please follow these instructions:

  • Concordia students currently enrolled in a BFA undergraduate degree: Complete the Internal Transfer of Program Request Form and submit it to the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at FB-319.
  • Concordia students currently enrolled in another Faculty (Arts and Science; John Molson School of Business; or Engineering and Computer Science) who wish to add or drop a Fine Arts Minor: Complete the Internal Transfer of Program Request Form and submit it to the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at FB-319.
  • Concordia students currently enrolled in another Faculty (Arts and Science; John Molson School of Business; or Engineering and Computer Science): Go to the Birks Student Service Centre (LB-185) and complete and submit a “Degree Transfer Form”.

STEP 2: Submit your Cinema Portfolio

After making your application to Concordia University, go to the Cinema admissions website, create an account, select your program(s) and follow the instructions. There is no fee for submitting an on-line portfolio.

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